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POPTIM Procurement Services Ltd

your procurement process can be more efficient, your competitiveness stronger and your prices more competitive.
With the services provided by Poptim Procurement Services Ltd., your procurement prices will be lower, your purchasing conditions will be improved, your contract security will be strengthened, your security of supply will be improved, your procurement process will be more efficient, and with all of these efforts, your competitiveness will be enhanced.
POPTIM Procurement Services Ltd. is an innovative solutions provider that optimises the procurement processes of its clients, drawing on over 100 years of international expertise and experience in procurement, consulting and management of its staff. and e-procurement.
By applying the best practices, the experience of our experts and the necessary know-how, we optimise your procurement, make your company more competitive, reduce procurement risks, achieve real savings in time and money, and make areas of procurement transparent.


Corporate procurement due diligence
Review of internal operations, process efficiency
Contract security
Assessment of the competences of the Procurement area
Supplier and purchasing portfolio harmonisation
Supplier evaluation system
Security of supply
Supplier research
Tender organisation, effective tendering
Assessment and qualification of domestic and international supplier potential
Complex efficiency improvement program, procurement consultancy
Process engineer support for the development and consolidation of procurement and other business processes


Want to see transparent procurement?
Are you experiencing difficulties or problems with your procurement processes, is your procurement system not working properly?

Want to reduce your risks by increasing your security of supply?
Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of concentrating your purchasing power in order to realise savings for your company?
Have you considered the benefits of sourcing from international markets, but are afraid to make the first step, because you consider the risks too high?
Is sourcing working well for your company but you feel there are some gaps?
Poptim Ltd. offers you the following solutions:
Cost reduction on purchased items
Increasing efficiency in procurement
Proposals to improve the procurement organisation and processes
Assess, improve and develop procurement and related processes
Implementation support, change management
Introduction of the science and culture of supplier evaluation
Corporate procurement functions outsourced to our company
Full import procurement management
Tender management with expert support
Automated tendering
Professional implementation of electronic auctions
E-procurement preparation


Market advantages
- Generating strong competition
- Fair competitive conditions
- Improved competitiveness
Efficiency gains
- Cost-effective solution
- Service that can be quickly implemented
- Time efficient solution
- Lower risks
- Optimised cost levels and cash flow
Tendering benefits
- Full automated quotation request process
- Predictability
- More organised tendering



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